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Dalles de Verre Seminar
What's that?  You may ask...
Dalle de Verre, meaning "glass slab" is the art form that utilizes 1"  thick cut brilliantly colored slabs of glass in an epoxy resin matrix.
Keith Berkland, visiting artist from North Carolina will be instructing a hands on weekend seminar in the "start to finish" making of a dalles de verre piece.
Each participant will make one 10 inch framed piece from a choice of patterns.
The class will be held Saturday and Sunday, October 14th, from 9:30 to 3:00 on Saturday and 9:30 to 12:00 on Sunday October 15th.
All materials (finished frame, dalle glass, and epoxy resin) will be included in the class fee and no tools will be required.
We will be working on a first come first serve basis so please respond asap!!
Cost for the weekend is $490.00.  Students may enroll for the weekend by calling Shards at (978) 977-0460.
We will be requiring a $100.00 deposit. 

Classes for small groups or individuals.


We are quite certain at this point that we will not be going back to regular group classes.  One of the many discoveries we made during the pandemic was that that area of our business model needed to be revamped.  We have, however, launched private lessons.  The cost is $92.00 per hour and it usually takes 4-5 hours to complete the seminar with no prior experience.  You will use all of our tools, with the exception of a cutter that you can purchase here (standard low cost cutter is $7.95).  All other tools and materials are provided for in studio use.

If you have two people interested in taking the seminar together, the cost drops to $80.00 per person per hour.  

Because of the private nature of the workshop, one can tell us in advance what their skill set is ... anywhere from rank beginner to brushing up on rusty skills, and we will design the lesson with that information. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.  


Contact Shards at 978-977-0460 for  details and scheduling.


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